FTI-BOLD is a consultancy firm that has the knowledge, expertise and experience to support and lead
businesses by combining strategies with our hands-on ‘analyse, advise, execute’ approach.
We work with clients across our 3 T’s: turnarounds, (digital) transformations and transactions.
We have strong growth ambitions and are looking for graduates to join our team.

Why compromise?
When BOLD and FTI Consulting joined forces in 2022, a unique consulting firm saw the light.

As a student considering a career in consulting, you may face dilemmas. Do you want to work for a
big corporate or would you rather make an impact advising entrepreneurs and mid-market? Do you
want a structured learning program, or would you rather learn on the job, working directly with
senior colleagues to maximise your learning? Do you want to focus on one specific area and become
the go-to guru in that space or would you rather develop a broad skillset across multiple areas and
have a high-level overview?

We’re so excited to let you know you don’t have to choose. At FTI-Bold, you will be working as part
of a global NYSE-listed fortune 500 company, while also working for a team where you will have the
opportunity to work with senior leaders, where your input matters and where we want you to make
and impact.

How we work
At FTI-BOLD we work in multidisciplinary teams. We are inclusive and diverse, engaged,
knowledgeable and BOLD.

We are closely engaged with clients as we feel responsible and committed to delivering valuable
results and making real impact. We lead by doing and have a strong drive to support clients in the
best possible way. In fact, we just love going the extra mile. In practice this means that we are used
to rolling up our sleeves.

We work in multidisciplinary teams as we can learn from each other and achieve better results
through teamwork. This is the best approach to serve our clients in unique situations throughout the
business life cycle. Our worldwide network of professionals enables us to integrate deep expertise in
various domains to advise big corporates.

We are knowledgeable professionals, passionate about our solution-oriented way of working while
striving for top quality. It means that we offer our people the best education and training programs.
It also means that we work hard but smart, ensuring we keep in balance, energized, and fulfilled in
what we do.

Inclusive & Diverse
We are respectful and inclusive of all people and ideas, confident that we can learn from everyone,
and that diverse teams make us stronger. We are not afraid to speak out.

Yes, that’s right. We are BOLD. Therefore, we are not afraid to step out of our comfort zone or talk
about the elephant in the room. This results in a problem solving “can-do” mentality in all

Grow with us!
Does this sound like a match to you or are you hoping to learn more?
We would love to get to know you.

Reach out for more information or an informal chat.

Elisabeth Besselse
FTI-Bold | Recruiter
Email: Elisabeth.Besselse@fticonsulting.com

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