Sander Schimmelpenninck

Chairman of the day

Sander Schimmelpenninck is a journalist, speaker, chairman and columnist. He grew up in Twente and now lives alternately in Amsterdam and Sweden. Sander studied law in Rotterdam and Milan. After completing his studies, he reluctantly started working as a lawyer in the Zuidas. After some time he left the legal profession for an entrepreneurial adventure: for two years he ran Pink Flamingo, a pizzeria in Amsterdam, together with Jaap Reesema (also known from The X-Factor).

From November 2016 to September 2020, Sander was editor-in-chief of Quote magazine. Here he caused quite a stir. He woke up Amsterdam for the dangers of Airbnb and stood up for the phenomenon of student corps. He also wrote a number of well-read articles: from the shaming of the Postcode lottery and butter builder VanDutch to stories about black Bitcoins, failing startups, the false promise of the sharing economy and about insights into closed worlds such as that of INSEAD. In 2018 he won the program 'De Slimste Mens'.

As an opinion maker, Schimmelpenninck likes to navigate between the classic left-right contrast. Like Piketty, he finds current capitalism dysfunctional, resulting in a wider gap between rich and poor. Work should again become a way of uplifting the people; now, however, it mainly pays to make money work. On the other hand, political correctness kills him; the victimization of many people is not very productive. Personal responsibility remains the starting point for a better existence. Long live the self-made (wo)men!
Sander Schimmelpenninck made various programs with and about entrepreneurs for Omroep WNL. For example, he took a look behind the scenes at family businesses in De Opvolgers and he presented the versatile talk show Op1 together with presenter Welmoed Sijtsma. After a year, Sander handed over the baton to Jort Kelder, who now presents the program together with Welmoed.

In 2019, Sander and Jaap Reesema started the popular podcast, called the 'Self podcast', in which they discuss their daily lives on the basis of various topics. The Self Podcast has been named the best listened podcast of 2020. Together with Maarten de Gruyter, Sander discusses the wonderful world of stone sliding in the podcast 'Eind Goed Vastgoed'. How can free boys still operate with a regulated government, where are the opportunities and who are the people we should pay attention to?

Sander has been a columnist for de Volkskrant since September 2019.