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At EY you work on interesting, complex projects and deal with the newest developments. The world in which we work changes fast. This also counts for the questions asked. Standard questions and solutions no longer exist. That’s what we need to be able to handle. That’s why at EY we don’t only look at your education, but we look at your complete personality. Who are you and what do you bring to the table? Together, we explore your talents to grow towards the best version of yourself.

What we do

With 261,000 employees worldwide, we specialise in Assurance, Tax, Strategy & Transactions and Consulting. Specialities that keep becoming more important. For example, reliable financial information is invaluable for entrepreneurs, managers and supervisors. More and more companies want to know how their business strategy in a complex world relates to the amount of tax they pay. EY consultants prepare businesses for the world of tomorrow with changes that are as large as they are necessary. Technology almost always plays a critical role in this. Still, others help our clients with complex strategic decisions about their capital. And at Financial Services we offer all this expertise in an integrated manner to international business leaders.

Many of our clients are large international companies. We always look beyond the numbers and results alone. Our international purpose is namely: Building a better working world. By this, we mean that we not only want to contribute to the business of our customers, but also to the role they play in their environment and thus to a better working world.


You get a lot of independence with us. Moreover, you work in a team with fun, committed colleagues. Within EY we believe that teams consisting of specialists with different backgrounds and talents achieve the best results. To put those teams together, we need people who can think flexibly and adapt easily. People with different backgrounds and talents.

Of course, we are looking for accountants, tax specialists, economists and business experts. But econometricians and technicians are also welcome, for example. We cherish the differences. Precisely because we believe that these differences complement and reinforce each other. Within your team, you have access to the support and expertise of colleagues all over the world in more than 150 countries. This way makes the whole world our field of play. You also have plenty of opportunities to shape your career globally.

Does this suit you?

Do you want to build with us? Do you think you can contribute to our ambitions? We are looking for colleagues who are socially involved, have a professional critical attitude and a large focus on quality. Someone who isn’t afraid of putting all their passion into their work. Curious? Speak to us during one of our recruitment events or contact us directly werkenbijey.nl

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