Fit Professionals

About Fit Professionals 

Fit Professionals of Finance is a young company born out of the need to take secondment within the finance sector to a new level. We are committed to challenging, investing, training and educating top financial professionals like you!  

Fit Professionals is always looking for new talents, both starters and financial professionals with already some work experience. For starting talents, we offer a challenging Finance Traineeship so that you can make a flying start to your career in the financial sector. During the Traineeship at Fit Professionals of Finance, you will be supervised by a committed team of financial professionals. The Traineeship focuses on your personal and professional development. This includes matters such as communication, leadership, taking on an advisory role and advisory skills. In addition, you will be deployed to our clients on a secondment basis, allowing you to take a look behind the scenes at various organisations. This way, you learn what really suits you and where your qualities lie.

All this is in accordance with the core values of Fit Professionals of Finance: Expert, Involved and Vital!

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