Speakers FSG Conference 2024

Chairman of the Day

Simon van Teutem

Simon van Teutem (1997) studied philosophy, politics and economics at the University of Oxford. He was top of his class among 250 undergraduate students in the politics faculty, for which he received the prestigious Gibbs Prize. Currently, he is following a research master’s degree in European Politics. Simon writes about politics for De Correspondent, has his own podcast and has worked as a summer analyst for companies such as McKinsey and Morgan Stanley.

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Speaker 1: Rob Graumans

We are proud to reveal the inaugural speaker of this year’s FSG Conference: Rob Graumans!

Rob's presentation will explore the intriguing sub theme: “The new Wall Street; riding the wave of automated trading”.

Rob Graumans has been a supervisor and data scientist for capital markets at the Dutch authority for financial markets (AFM) since 2017. Aside from that, he is currently following a PhD program in the discipline of engineering science at the University of Oxford. His deep understanding of the impacts of automated trading makes him an ideal speaker for this topic.

Speaker 2: Thijs Knaap

We are thrilled to introduce the second speaker for this year's FSG Conference: Thijs Knaap!

Delving into the fascinating sub theme, “Building a solid foundation in an ageing world,” Mr. Knaap brings his extensive expertise to the forefront. As the chief economist of APG Asset Management and with a solid background in econometrics and macroeconomics, Thijs Knaap is uniquely positioned to address the challenges and opportunities that our world faces.  He is excited to speak at the conference and eager to share his insights and knowledge with everyone attending!

Speaker 3: Sandra Phlippen

We are thrilled to introduce the third speaker for this year's FSG Conference: Sandra Phlippen!

In her presentation of the sub theme “Growing a greener financial landscape; a clear view of ESG reporting”, Sandra will offer her unique perspective on this vital topic. As ABN AMRO's chief economist and a professor of sustainable banking at the University of Groningen, Sandra has a profound understanding of the financial sector. Her accomplished background, including a PhD in economics from the Tinbergen Institute, makes her ideally equipped to illuminate the intricacies of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting.

Speaker 4: Mona de Boer

We are thrilled to introduce the final speaker for this year's FSG Conference: Mona de Boer!

Mona's insightful presentation will delve into the captivating sub-theme: “The Rise of AI; Unravelling its impact on GDP”. 
As a partner at PwC with a specialisation in AI, along with her PhD in the discipline of AI, Mona brings a wealth of knowledge to this subject. Additionally, her role as a lecturer in data science at the University of Amsterdam further reinforces her expertise, making her an ideal speaker to explore the profound effects of AI on economic growth.